Adrenaline's construction process utilizes the latest in composite technology. Our powerboats are made with specially blended vinylester resins and gelcoats; however, epoxy and exotic fiber construction is the standard on our New Adrenaline VR Fifty and 45. Adrenaline's professional staff of composites technicians assemble each boat by hand, using professionally designed laminate schedules. Our stringer and structural grid system yields the strongest boats in the industry without adding bulky weight. We continually educate our composite technicians on advancements in the industry. Our company utilizes vacuum bagging as well as resin infusion in the building process. All of our Powerboats are blueprinted and seamlessly jointed together to create a flawless piece. The deck and hull are laminated together to ensure strength and rattle free construction.

This dedication to excellence shows in every boat we build. At Adrenaline all structural components are built using reinforced composite materials instead of wood; no wood construction means no rot.

In mold curing, all stringers have fillets at the bottom to add rigidity and to spread loads. Our fuel tanks are made from thick baffled aluminum; each tank undergoes testing and is permanently mounted to the stringer grid with thru bolts and then completely encapsulated in foam. Our seats are bolted to the floor of the boat with machine screws. During the lamination process we install and epoxy in thick aluminum spreader plates on the underside of the cockpit floor. It just doesn't get any stronger than this. The result of this dedication to technology and level of excellence is that all Adrenaline owners are able to relax and feel confident while enjoying the heart pumping excitement our boats create, while being backed by a limited lifetime hull warranty.

Rigging and engine installations are installed by Professional Mechanics who have extensive experience in the High Performance Field. Our rigging is meticulous and completed in house to in sure years of performance. Adrenaline works with our customers to customize the best engine packages and instrumentation.

Here at Adrenaline, there are an unlimited number of customizable options ensuring that every boat makes a
truly unique statement of self expression.

Design and Graphics

As a professional boat manufacturer we are proud to put our name on everything that we create. From our entire breath taking line of Exotic Powerboats, to our custom one-off interiors and graphics, each and every boat we build screams unique. Adrenaline Powerboats own in-house design team seamlessly blends form and function throughout our product line while setting a new industry standard of manufacturing and brand identity. Our graphic design team delivers cutting edge custom graphics on a per customer, per order basis; Guaranteeing a radically unique powerboat. At Adrenaline we exclusively use HOUSE OF KOLOR paint, a leader in custom coating paint supply. Designing the best boats while using the best materials without a doubt puts us ahead of the competition.
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