The RZR 29 is a modern  / retro low slung hot rod that boasts a 3 step bottom design and true offshore rough water capabilities.

Power options for this model range from 565 HP to 1000HP in a single engine configuration.


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 The VR 32 shares the same overall 3 step bottom design as its little RZR

brother. With a longer running surface and higher free board, the VR 32 packs a hard punch with a twin engine setup and combined horsepower options up to 1450HP.


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 ZXR 46 An absolute work of art is the best way to describe this all Carbon / Kevlar masterpiece. Featuring a 4 step bottom design and twin staggered Mercury Racing 1100 twin turbo engines as base power this boat is in its own league. Horsepower options available up to twin  Mercury Racing 1650 HP twin turbo engines.


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