V30 Twin Engine

Adrenaline Powerboats V-30 was created to fill a void in the exotic performance boat market. Our design team considered a myriad of factors surrounding the project and the successful end result speaks for itself.

Its aggressive styling easily distinguishes it from any other boat, even at a glance. The hatches to the engine compartment and cabin were designed for maximum access. While enhancing style and function. Cockpit space and layout as creative and roomy as it gets. Adrenaline’s cockpit designs have been known for futuristic styling and perfect function. The standard ¾ cabin with opposing bench seats and massive storage compartments offer function and comfort for the day boater as well as serious poker runners.

Rigging in the V-30 is so clean and strategically engineered it is seemingly non-existent. All deck and egress hardware is unmistakably Adrenaline. The tooled in exhaust outlets that come through the extended deck are unlike another V bottom available today. Sitting behind the canopies instill confidence in any driver while providing distortion free visibility and protection at high speeds.

Our proprietary single step platform that the V-30 was built from has proven to be extremely efficient, predictable and fast.

Adrenaline’s V-30 is in a class of its own. There is a hint of menace in the rear curves of the boat that enhance it’s muscularity and seem to make it creep out f the water and lurch forward as if it were ready to attack. Combine all of the above with world class paint schemes and finishes that are created and executed in house the end result is truly a midsized exotic powerboat.

PDF Sheets
Full V30 Twin Engine Spec Sheet
V30 Twin Engine Exterior Sheet

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